From the roots of its establishment, tour operator Georgian wonders was dedicated to fulfill the core value- travelers’ comfort and best impression is what matters.  We believe that being a traveler should be all about relishing new culture, unique experiences and adventures that our country has to offer. Having amazing diversity of natural beauty and historical, as well as cultural heritage at our disposal, we can offer you a wealth of experience to plan your best holiday.

How do we do it? By fulfilling our core values:

Is the standard that we strictly apply to our activities, our staff and our business partners. We ensure that high standards we set for our staff- tour leaders, guides, drivers, administration staff, partners and contacts in the local community, are precisely followed.

Individual approach to each Customer, Tour and Partner
Because we understand that they are all unique. Understanding and providing services that answer the needs of the group, individual traveler or business partner is central in our work.

As a tour operator planning, providing and developing full service tours, we strive to support customers and partners to make an overall impression of our country, to select the right trip package and provide them with detailed information for the preparation.  We consciously refrain from stereotyping in words and pictures.

Environmental Responsibility
We strictly envision environmental sustainability, as we are well aware of the impact that tourism can have and journeys should never be held at the expense of nature, culture or the environment.  One of our core objectives is to lead by example, especially in the field of environmental protection. We are taking efforts to promote and to raise awareness of environmentally and socially responsible travel. We aim to work with companies that share our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Your best travel is our business, and we demonstrate that by making sure you get the holiday you want.